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5 Ways to Cultivate Healthy Home Habits


By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Do you have the common remote worker problem of balancing your work, life and wellness?  We have some healthy nutrition and exercise tips to have you feeling your best.

Maximise the afternoon sun and days off

With early morning starts, it is important to consume a high protein breakfast that nourishes  your adrenals like egg whites, spinach, mushrooms with blueberries and natural almond butter  on top of gluten free toast or cinnamon oatmeal with banana and nuts. Drink lemon water as  soon as you wake up instead of reaching for the coffee pot. Giving your body hydration and  antioxidants as soon as you wake up is vital as your body becomes dehydrated during sleep.

After your high protein breakfast and early morning shift, making the most of the afternoon sun  and your days off can have a positive effect on your entire life and many successful people,  especially entrepreneurs, depend heavily on a strong routine as a route to success. Afternoon  routines can involve getting out into the sunshine and making most of the rest of the day. If you  have a patio, enjoy the afternoon sun and evening sunset from the comfort of your own home.  You can involve meditation, yoga or simply stretching to get your blood flowing and mind clear  midday. Incorporate making a daily journal to list a few things you’re grateful for every day and  30 minutes of reading to get the most out of your routine. Commit your afternoons and days off  to self-development and self-care. Great authors for self-development reading are Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rebecca Campbell, and Eckhart Tolle. All of their  books can be purchased online and delivered straight to your door.

Create a mini home gym

A great way to ensure you are committing to a daily workout is to create a mini home gym in  your remote home. There are many fitness routines you can find online to get in adequate home  exercise. Simply commit to 30 minutes a day of working out and you will be dramatically  increasing your health, fitness and body love over time. You will also increase your energy and  mental focus by adopting a ‘30 minutes a day rule’ of moving your body. If you commit to 10  minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of weight training, and 10 minutes of squats, situps or yoga per  day, you will have succeeded in cultivating a home exercise space that keeps you fit in the  comfort of your own home.

Adopt the art of meal planning

The best way to become confident is to prepare. Preparation is the key to living healthier and  eating better. Choose a day that you have off to prepare in advance healthy meals that you are  going to eat throughout the week, and prepare your grocery list accordingly. This will ensure  that you can resist the urge to slip into bad eating habits like quickly grabbing takeaway when  you have no healthy meals already prepared or can’t be bothered to cook after a tiring shift at  work. To use eco-friendly storage options, make use of mason jars for food storage instead of  plastic containers. Common healthy meal plans include smoothies in a mason jar, salads in a  mason jar, with fruit and veggies for snacking. A great high energy snack to keep handy is  Greek yogurt with almonds in it. Make sure to always have a glass bottle filled with water  handy. To get the most out of your water, add lemon, strawberries, mint, or cucumber to it. It is  best to have a water filtration system in your home that ensures your water is alkaline to reap  the most health benefits. If you are working away, simply squeeze lemon, sea salt or pH drops  into your water to make your water more alkaline and thus, much healthier for your body.

Eat for optimal energy

Do not live to eat, eat to live. Listen to your body and eat the foods that help you feel light and  energised, instead of weighed down and sluggish. Control your portion size to maintain a  healthy weight or increase your calorie intake of healthy high protein foods to gain more muscle  mass. Eat lots of healthy fats to keep yourself high energy throughout the day and reduce your  coffee intake to one coffee in the morning, before noon. Increase the amount of energy boosting  foods in your diet. Common energy boosting foods include: whole eggs, avocado, Greek yogurt,  bananas, berries, dates, nuts, organic salmon, broccoli and other dark green vegetables. Taking  daily natural supplements and shakes is also a great way to get all of your daily nutrients when  you’re on the go. Make sure to go with an organic all natural product like Juice Plus to reap the  maximum health benefits. These products can be purchased online in bulk.

Have night time routine

Create a night time routine to ensure that you are getting a deep and rejuvenating sleep. Many  night time routines include refraining from eating at least two hours before bedtime, turning off  all technology, taking a relaxing essential oils bath, reading, and preparing yourself for a restful  sleep. Use this time to put your phone away to focus on your partner and nourish your  relationship or nourish your relationship with yourself. Switch your nightly glass of wine with an  herbal tea to wind down from the day and experience better sleep and a more well-rested early  morning. Lavender is a perfect essential oil to incorporate into your nightly routine as it has  calming effects.     Incorporate our healthy home habits to feel more wellness and confidence in your life. As all  areas of our lives are interconnected, establishing healthy routines with your home with trickle  down into the other parts of your life requiring nourishment.

If you are needing more advice or wondering which books and products to purchase online for  optimal health, feel free to email me at ​kay@service.com.au​. You deserve a life full of health,  wealth and abundance.

Kaylyn Jeffrey is the Human Resources and Career Wellness Specialist for ​Service.com.au​. With  a background in Psychology and an online Holistic Health Coaching business, she is passionate  about empowering others to achieve their goals and create more wellness and confidence in  their lives.


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