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Are you sitting on a gold mine at home?


By Lydia Woodward

Gold mines are big business in the resources sector, but did you know the growing sharing economy, which is a peer-to-peer model of renting goods or services, means you could be sitting on a gold mine at home?

Your home, car, garden, tools and skills can help you earn a side income, supplementing full time jobs with extra bills, holiday or savings money.

Typically, sharing economy transactions are facilitated by online communities. These help individuals to arrange access to various goods – though the operators of website platforms often take a small commission. The existence of mobile apps has made the sharing economy more convenient than ever, and the companies behind them guarantee a degree of security that old-school hitchhiking or homestays cannot quite match. These examples note just a few ways to take advantage of the opportunity!


Uber has revolutionised the sharing economy in Australia. If you have a decent car, a driver’s license, a bank account and can pass a police check, then you can earn some money on the side by getting members of your local community to and from destinations safely. Uber drivers do it for the money and the fun experiences of meeting new people!


This worldwide room-renting service challenges homeowners to provide better value than local hotels. Let’s face it – that isn’t difficult! Further to the great value on offer, guests also appreciate the chance to get to know new locations through the eyes of a local host. Providing heartfelt hospitality can push your host rating up high enough to secure a steady stream of income from a spare bed.


You can put spare time and tools to use by becoming a Tasker. This platform advertises odd jobs in your neighbourhood at lucrative hourly rates. If you’re handy in the garden or around the house, you can earn cash in the bank by using your down time to help out local neighbours with their projects, or even if you live in a remote mining town and have a computer, you could find yourself writing resumes, posting social media copy for businesses or preparing budgets or meal plans for those that are too time poor.

Lydia Woodward works for www.yourparkingspace.co.uk, evangelising the joys of making money from your driveway.


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