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Exciting news for She’s Empowered!


Do you love the comfort and familiarity of what you’ve always known? I know I do! For me personally, some of the biggest challenges in life are accepting and embracing change… but I also know change can be invigorating, rewarding and, well, just SIMPLY BETTER than before!

So, as we wrap up 2018 and embark on new adventures in the new year, I have some really exciting news to share with you about She’s Empowered, and it involves change in a big way – we’re rebranding into a fresh, contemporary workwear and advocacy brand in the new year!

Let me share with you how one moment in time has been the catalyst for a complete about-turn with She’s Empowered, and why it’s going to make an even bigger difference in the lives of Aussie women working across mining, construction, transport, energy, agriculture and more…

Catalyst for change
Tuesday October 30, 2018 will forever hold a place in my heart. And funnily enough, while I thought it was a bad day at the time, it was actually one of the best things to have happened. It affected me, and it’s going to be affecting you in the New Year, in one of the best ways possible.

It was on this Tuesday evening that I received some feedback that some of our customers felt excluded and isolated by wearing the She’s Empowered brand. Considering I have invested all my energy these past few years into trying to advocate the very opposite of this, the news completely rocked me. But to be honest, it also highlighted something that had personally been niggling at me for years. While She’s Empowered was a name to stand out and be heard when I launched, I have always wondered if the brand name might be a little counter-productive to my vision of inclusive and diverse workplaces by specifically calling out empowerment to women in the brand name.

She’s Empowered served its purpose five years ago. It gained media attention and propelled the issue of workplace inclusion into the spotlight, but most importantly, it attracted the attention of large-scale mining companies, who play a critical role in promoting diversity and inclusion through its recruitment and procurement programs. It was thanks to the support of individuals within these companies who shared my same vision, that She’s Empowered really took off and started to make a difference in lives of our female colleagues. So it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Introducing Co
Because She’s Empowered has always been bigger than just workwear, it’s incredibly important that the brand name reflect the overarching goal to create and promote inclusive and diverse workplaces. When I sat back and looked at what I wanted to achieve with my business – comfortable and convenient clothing and a community of consideration, connection, collaboration, cohesion and courage – it was obvious that Co was the common (!) thread that stitched all this together.

That’s why in 2019, I’ll be transitioning She’s Empowered across to the brand-new Co Women’s Work Gear – it will still be me behind the brand, but it will be bigger and better than ever! The core range will stay, but you’ll see extended sizing and options, brand new designs and a reinvigorated look and feel to the workwear and the wider work being done at an industry level.

Co Women’s Work Gear is now underway behind the scenes and will make its debut in early 2019! There’s going to be some work involved in the transition, but I hope when the time comes over the coming weeks, that you can join me in welcoming Co to our industry! More to come on this in due course (oh wow, you’ll be spotting these co words everywhere now like me!), so stay tuned!

Reflection and Motivation
This is sure to be a huge year for Co, but every year I always take great value in reflecting on the year to remember and celebrate the wins, learn from mistakes and motivate me to develop even further both personally and professionally over the next 12 months.

Here’s what I learnt in 2018 to make me a better person in 2019….

  • Ask for a coffee – by nature I am quite a reserved and private person but I also know it takes a village to raise a baby (and my business is my baby!), so in 2018 I vowed to step out of my comfort zone and create new relationships with people I admire, and it was actually quite easy. I simply asked for a coffee! Some said yes, some didn’t come back to me and others declined, and that’s okay. All I needed to concentrate on were the men and women who agreed to meet with me, and their energy, wisdom, experience and honesty have made such a positive impact on me. This wasn’t about business for me. It was about connection. I had some people open up and tell me about their mental health issues, imposter syndrome and one even confessed about crying before going to work some days during a tough period. Forget CEOs doing business with other CEOs. We’re all just human beings looking to connect with other human beings.
  • Exercise – While exercise was on my New Year’s Resolutions in January, I confess, it wasn’t until August until I took it up with more passion and gusto. I kind of wish I found it sooner to be honest! Not only does it give me time to actively work on my health, but it has set in place a series of benefits shooting off from this. I have more structure in my day, I wake up earlier and get more achieved in the same 24-hour period than I used to and I have more energy to give to my business and to my family.
  • Family – Family has always been my number one priority, but in 2018 I learnt to create and live by a schedule. This has allowed me to be more present in everything I do, knowing that there’s a time and place for everything in my life. When I’m with the kids, I don’t need to worry about work or shopping or paying the bills, because I know there’s time blocked out for that later. I’ve always given my time to my family but I’ve really enjoyed this year learning to be in the moment, and that’s quite eye opening if you’ve always had ten things on your mind at once! As my fiancé Stu and I start to plan our small wedding and honeymon this year, creating new family experiences, traditions and memories will be high on my list year after year.

Thank you for being a part of the growing She’s Empowered community this year! I really do value every email, Facebook Message, Instagram comment, event conversation and coffee catch up that has come my way this year, and I just cannot wait to reveal Co in the new year to complement both your body shape and your role at work!

Wishing you a safe and very merry Christmas.
Xx Kym

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