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Industrial workwear brand taps into what women want


By Kym Clark

The question of “what women want” has long been explored in popular culture (even Mel Gibson took a stab at finding out!), with the concept usually inferring that women are complex creatures. In real life though, having met and communicated with thousands of Australian working women in mining, construction, transport and other industrial roles, I’ve learned first-hand that women only really want two things: listening and follow-through.


By listening to what women want from their workwear, She’s Empowered has grown from a single maternity shirt idea to shirts, cargos, maternity pants and a vest/jacket combination. Where other businesses might stick to convenience or cost-saving measures by selling only what they have on hand, I’ve put any ego and pride aside and listened to constructive feedback from customers. As a result, I am continually refining my products based on feedback.

Follow through

I am also committed to following through on my promise. I have designed and produced a pair of shorts for a customer when I don’t sell shorts, and was the only workwear designer to say ‘yes’ to BHP when they wanted a new jacket for their female employees. It was too hard for everyone else to attempt – can you believe that? BHP had the vision and the dream, but no one to bring it to life. By following through on my promise to BHP that I would test and prototype a jacket for their review, my design was approved, a bulk order was manufactured and now women nationally are wearing it! It was a long process and was not an easy project, but it was worth it to see the satisfaction it is bringing women who have until now, been wearing unshapely, oversized men’s jackets.

Lucille jacket

Jessica from Dream Big Project wearing Lucille 4-in-1 jacket

Whether you’re an employer looking to better understand your female team members, or a partner trying to communicate with your better half, you can’t go wrong with listening and follow-through!

Kym is the founder of She’s Empowered, offering industrial workwear for women Australia-wide. She is an entrepreneur, award winner, speaker, resource sector employee and advocate for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


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