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Never clean your house again!


By Jane Wilson

Maximise your family and personal time by leaving the house cleaning to someone else

Keeping a home clean is a very important task, but it’s never easy and usually not enjoyable! It usually requires long hours of tireless scrubbing, wiping and mopping. And the results are not always up to our expectations. Let’s not even start on people who work odd shifts, they find it even more difficult to find the time to clean their homes.

Hiring a cleaning company to handle all the dirty work so to speak is a decision that will save you lots of time and effort and will make your life a little happier.

Here are 7 key benefits to outsourcing your house cleaning:

Your property is always in a presentable state. Can you imagine a world where when you come back home after a long day of work, and you don’t have to worry about washing dishes or doing laundry? Outsourcing cleaning jobs to a professional company makes that possible and very achievable. When we hire someone to do the cleaning, our only responsibility is to let them in and tell them what needs to be cleaned. After that all the work is done by a professional, who knows how to clean every surface, remove every stain and make sure the place smells amazing for you, your family and your guests (never again worry about surprise guests dropping in because the house will be always ready!).

Less risks and no damage. Many unfortunate statistics show, that most of the damage that occurs to carpets, furniture and appliances, comes from our inexperienced advances to clean them. Removing carpet stains often causes discolouring or tearing of the fabric, cleaning the oven often ends up in strange smells coming out of it, and most people have no idea how to properly treat their leather couches. And trying to clean the kid’s masterpieces from the walls can end up in some very costly repairs! By outsourcing the cleaning of these parts of the house you avoid these sorts of risks and in the worst case scenario, even if damage occurs during professional cleaning, every company has a public liability insurance that will cover the costs.

Cost-effective in the long term. In addition to avoiding damage, which could cost you hundreds, outsourcing cleaning has many other cost-effective benefits. Professional cleaning companies use better detergents and supplies then the ones commonly found on the market, and they get them for preferential rates, which means that so do you. They also use minimal amounts of water and electricity, which will help save on household bills in the long term. Another important point is the high competition in this economic sector, it means that you can easily find a quality cleaner for a rate you can afford and justify, especially when you’re enjoying a neighbour’s barbeque or taking some time for yourself at the gym while the chores are getting done. When outsourcing cleaning, we also avoid costs connected to buying equipment and detergents, as well as any other supplies that may be needed. The average cost of cleaning services per hour is around $30 – $35, which is a small price to pay for some extra time spent the way you want it.

Proper training makes a difference. Just like doctors who know everything about the human body and know how to fix it, professional cleaners know everything about how to clean things, which detergents to use, how to determine types of stains based on pH, which fabrics require gentle care, and which can be cleaned using harsh products, and a lot more. They are skilled experts, who spend lots of time studying various cleaning techniques and methods to preserve the condition of various possessions. This passion and expertise makes a great difference to your household, especially if you live in a rental property, and you have kids or pets.

The equipment is an investment. There is a big difference between the vacuum cleaners and detergents every day families have access to, and the equipment and detergents used by cleaning companies. The vacuum cleaners alone have way more power and clean more efficiently for less time. Cleaning contractors also use rotary scrubbing machines, steam cleaners, pressure washers, extension poles, various sealants and surface protectors which usually cost thousands of dollars to buy, and the average home owner just can’t afford that.

Flexibility in everything. Probably one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing cleaning, is the fact that everything is coordinated with the client’s schedule. The cleaners arrive when you want them, they work for as many hours as you set, and they clean exactly what you tell them to clean – most of the time you even don’t have to be in the property while the cleaning is happening.

You gain time for the important things. Cleaning the house is never a top priority for people making plans for the day, and very often it keeps us from doing what we really want to do. By letting someone take care of the cleaning in their homes, people gain more time to do the things they love, whether it’s spending time with family, pursuing education and professional successes, or just picking up a new hobby or resting. The world provides many great options, if we have the time for them!

Jane Wilson is the social and marketing manager of Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne – a cleaning company, which provides cleaning services for homes and businesses. Her passions include home organizing, homemaking and interior design.


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