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The bedroom is for recharging your body, not your phone


By Kym Clark

Apple recently updated our iPhones with a new screen time function and I have to thank them for the wakeup call I needed!

In the Setttings app, you can see the amount of time you pick up your phone, how long you’ve spent on your phone and what areas you’re spending the most time on, and let me tell you, it’s eye-opening – go on now and check it out if you can.

I was noticing it’s not uncommon for me to spend 6-8 hours a day on my phone. When I factored in time spent sleeping and time spent working on my desktop or laptop and driving to meetings, there was hardly a minute left for down time.

How much screen time do we really need?

I was getting into the habit of checking social media, scrolling through and responding to emails and writing my to-do lists every night in bed, so my phone light was the last thing I saw every night before falling asleep. Not only has this blue light been proven to reduce sleep quality, but the content itself had my mind racing with tasks to do, tasks forgotten, ideas to add to my business and so much more. Hardly conducive to a restful night’s sleep!

I was also watching how the children were using their devices – they were on it before and after school at the kitchen table, in their rooms, in the lounge room… their devices were practically glued to them. We would set boundaries with them, but I got to thinking, why should they ‘do as I say and not as I do’? I wanted to set a good example and it really drove home the impact our devices have on our lives.

Reduce your screen time without reducing productivity

As a business owner, accessing emails, files, social media and more is incredibly important and I was worried that reducing time I spent on my devices would impact me negatively. I clearly NEEDED that time at the end of the night to get things done, so if I took that away, HOW would get it done?!

Let me tell you, when you reduce your time on your screen, you actually become MORE PRODUCTIVE!

The first thing we did in our household was get a charging docking station for the family, that sits out in the living room. We also grabbed some old school alarm clocks (yes, they still sell them!!) and torches for the bedrooms. Our new rule, for all of us, became to dock our phones and tablets at 5pm and we collected them when we walked out the door for school or work the next day.

The result? More time! Almost instantly, we saw a drastic improvement in how much spare time we had mornings and evenings.

Louis our dog was getting more attention.

Everyone was talking more – asking more questions and sharing more stories.

And everyone was helping around the house more with dishes, putting things away and tidying up.

For me personally, I found the hours I am on my phone or iPad now are to get work done. I answer emails and plan my to-do lists, and I know I can’t get distracted by social media because I only have so many hours in the day to work. Productivity has sky-rocketed.

It’s honestly been a winning move in our house.

Kym Clark is the award winning founder of women’s high vis industrial workwear brand She’s
Empowered and publisher of High Visibility.


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