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There’s more to staying well in winter than just washing your hands


By Sam Barbalatt

We are all aware of the importance of cleanliness when it comes to avoiding illness, including washing hands to prevent the spread of bugs when we’re sick. But hand washing cannot stop all the viruses and allergens that we breathe in from the air around us. In fact, working in mining, construction or industrial environments may expose a person to increased levels of dust and other potentially irritant particles.

Every day we breathe around 10,000 litres of air and this contains all sorts of tiny particles we can’t see including many different cold viruses. There are also other particles that could result in irritation inside the nose or sinuses, these include dust, pollutants and allergens such as pollen.

Alongside good safety protocols such as using the appropriate equipment like respirators and masks, you can also wash away pollutants, irritants and viruses from inside the nose by using a nasal and sinus wash.

The solution consists of an isotonic, preservative-free saline which is gentle enough to be used daily; it is drug free and won’t irritate or sting. (Being isotonic means it closely resembles the body’s natural fluids.)

The method is simple – add a sachet of powder containing a special formulation of salts and minerals to a soft squeeze FLO Sinus Care bottle containing 200mL of cool pre-boiled water. Screw on the cap and diptube. Insert the bottle nozzle into your nose and gently squeeze while breathing through the mouth (a panting action is best). The fluid washes through one nostril and out of the other carrying all the irritants out of the nose and sinuses.

The large volume sinus wash also helps to thin and wash away excess mucus and relieve congestion and sinus pain. It may also reduce the viral load in the nose and sinuses and so help to reduce to the duration and severity of colds.

So for better health this winter, don’t forget to flush!

ENT Technologies has created the Flo Nasal Solutions range – dedicated to using the latest technologies to develop effective formulations and innovative, hassle-free delivery systems for better nasal and sinus health.


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